Georgie’s Luscious Date & Walnut Loaf

Posted by James Bennett on

For a perfect breakfast after a creative morning

There’s gluten free bread, and then there’s bread that absolutely knocks your socks off, has you coming back for slice after slice, and that just happens to be free of gluten and other common allergens.

Georgie made this loaf for our morning tea after a pottery lesson at the local Byron School of Clay, and it was an absolute show-stopper. Moist and rich, with incredible depth of flavour from the spices and tea-soaked dates, this is a loaf of bread to impress even your die-hard wheat loving friends. It toasts up beautifully, and eaten just like that, slathered in vegan butter from The Vegan Dairy, it was the perfect winter morning snack after getting our hands and minds busy working with clay.

This loaf is just about as full as it could possibly be with healthy and delicious ingredients. Bioactive & anti-inflammatory compounds in the spices, healthy and satisfying carbs from Buckwheat, and plant based Omega-3 in the Chia and Linseed. Try it out and see if it doesn’t change your understanding of what gluten free bread can be.

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