Georgie’s Favourite Porridge

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A Warming Winter Favourite

With 3 playful variations – Cacao Lovers, Golden Porridge, and Zesty Orange Blossom.

Porridge, old friend. There may be no other meal that has stuck with me so wonderfully across the breadth of my entire life. Changing with the seasons, with moods, with age. What could be more comforting than slowly stirring the pot with a favourite wooden spoon, sipping tea, and wondering what to pull out of the cupboard to add to the bowl this morning?

This process of waking up is sacred, and it can determine so much of the rest of your day. Let’s fill it with joy.

This is one of our favourite ways to make porridge, taught to us by Mindful Foods Founder and all-round legend Georgie, with 3 healthy whole foods as a base, and a selection of mix-ins to suit your mood.

Anti-inflammatory and all-round wonder food, turmeric, creates a mood-boosting and colourful start to the day when we add in a handful of our Mindful Foods Golden Granola.
Cacao and warming spices create an energising and grounding bowl of goodness, perfect to start strong and keep going for hours.
Orange zest and honey combine to make a vibrant, floral, uplifting meal.
Keep reading down below to see how we do it!

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