Crunchy Chewy Pecan Praline

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If we’re going to eat dessert, let’s do it right

We all know by now that sugar isn’t our best friend, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for it in a healthy, balanced diet. Nature dishes out her sweetness in ripe fruits because she knows exactly how to delight us. It becomes a problem when we overindulge and forgot that in nature it’s always balanced out with fibre and other goodies, and it’s never overdone. Pecans are high in fibre and full of beneficial nutrients, so they’re a perfect partner to some organic coconut sugar in this crazy delicious praline.

We believe a shared meal with good friends is a cause for celebration, so we broke out these tasty treats to share our delight with each other.

Knox & Aya shares our view that dessert is important, and we should treat it like we do the rest of our food. Make it ethical, delicious, and as healthy as we can. Low sugar and whole food ingredients help make this our go-to ice cream. Not to mention the seriously amazing depth of flavour!

Enjoy these on ice cream, coconut yoghurt, or as a stand-alone treat. Just be warned, once you grab that first one you better have a plan for when to stop…

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