Poached Pears with Rose Maple and Coconut Ice Cream

Posted by James Bennett on

A Luscious Floral Delight

This is the perfect way to end a dinner with friends. Warm poached pears, melting into creamy coconut ice cream, drizzled with luscious rosewater maple syrup.

Super simple to put together, it’s mostly a matter of throwing ingredients in the pot and giving them a brief simmer. Feel free to make your own ice cream if you’re feeling fancy, but store bought is just fine, and it will be elevated by the pears and rose maple. The bright, floral fragrance of the rose water contrasts perfectly with the earthy richness of the maple syrup, creating a dish that will bring delight to all who taste it.

Don’t feel like you have to use expensive wine here, anything smooth will work, as you’re cooking out lots of the volatile aromas in the wine anyhow.This is another great base recipe to play with, and as you get more confident and experimental you can take it anywhere you want! See the notes at the end for a few ideas on how to mix it up.

We ate this around the fire pit with beautiful friends, to end our first dinner party after Covid restrictions eased. It is a little bit of a luxury to share with those you love.

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