OUr Secret Recipe

Mix together 1 bowl of ridiculously delicious muesli, 2 nutty people, a pinch of madness and a scoop of shared dreams. Gently stir in the love of like-minded people. Allow to soak in the Northern Rivers sunshine.

This humble pot will transform into a passionate community, creating dozens of sustainable health food products.

While we continue to grow and morph, the heart of Mindful Foods stays true to the dream of giving back - to nature, our bodies and each other.

This has been our greatest recipe yet.

What Makes Food ‘Mindful’?

Mindfulness isn’t about the what, it’s about the how.

It starts with the process  – everything from selecting the right ingredients for the right reasons, to going plastic-free, and even working with a heart-centered team.

That is, of course, only the start. The real magic happens when we aren’t there. When we’ve hung up our hair nets for the day and gone home to our loved ones. It happens after the box has been opened, the jar lids turned, the crumbs spilled.

In the pursuit of living a mindful life, the delights of smell and taste are often overlooked. As are the many healing gifts of nature found in our everyday food. Yet, opportunities to embrace these powers are all around us.

Whether it is preparing a nightly family dinner or the passing around of healthy snacks at work, we can all create mindful foods in our everyday lives.

Feed Your Inner Wild

Mindfulness extends to all elements of our being and our world. Just like the wilderness around us, you are an ecology. A host to billions of inhabitants that do not share your DNA. They are microbiological critters that aid in digestion, support your immunity, and even add to the chemical cocktail that your brain reads as happiness. ‘Feed your inner wild’ is a call to look after the wilderness within and around us all.

There's a cultural understanding of our lives being more profound than the natural anarchy that is wilderness. But we’re here to tell you, our planet depends on the wild. And in fact, our lives are so much more profound BECAUSE of it. The messiness and unpredictability of the wild is a necessary disorder keeping us from falling into a robotic malaise.

Perhaps the most endangered species is the wild human.

Our pesticide-free products set people on the right path to rewilding themselves and our world.

With Love

When you purchase from Mindful Foods you can rest assured we are going to nourish your being. Every product is handcrafted and packed under the Northern Rivers sunshine, then sent from our kitchen to yours with love.

Right now we are busily dreaming up new recipes, refining our staples and connecting with our Mindful Community around Australia.

Drop in and redeem your free hug at 6/38-44 Kite Crescent, South Murwillumbah NSW 2484.


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