Your Brain on Chocolate

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Oh, hi there!

It’s me, your brain here!

Yes, that’s right, I’m writing you an email. Don’t forget I know what you’re thinking so keep those thoughts clean while you’re reading this.

Because I know your thoughts I also know that you want me to perform better, and you also want an excuse to eat more chocolate (don’t try to deny it). Luckily for you, I have good news - chocolate is fantastic for helping me perform better!

According to recent scientific research, a 40g piece of dark chocolate activates me, the brain, in a way which helps you feel more awake and aware.

This was found by investigating my electrical activity. i.e. what kind of waves predominated: intense, active ones (beta), or slow, sleepy ones (theta).

"In the students that had been given higher-cacao chocolate the theta waves had decreased. The brain produces more theta waves the sleepier you are.

In the higher-cacao chocolate group – and also in the high-sugar group – the researchers observed a significant increase in beta waves. Your brain produces more beta waves the more alert you are, and the more you aware of your surroundings."
How does chocolate impart such an effect? Interestingly, many of it's compounds are poorly absorbed in the gut. In fact, they're a food source for the microbiome of your gut which in turn make beneficial products that are absorbed by your intestine.

This study found that microbiome diversity increased as a result of a daily habit of dark chocolate consumption, and found those eating dark chocolate experienced less negative emotions.

"These findings indicate that dark chocolate exerts prebiotic effects, as evidenced by its ability to restructure the diversity and abundance of intestinal bacteria; thus, it may improve negative emotional states via the gut-brain axis."

So should you reach for that sugar-laden chocolate the Easter bunny left behind? Perhaps not (Easter chocolate is full of preservatives and not much of the good stuff). If you want to incorporate more chocolate into your life in a healthy way, here are some tips:


Delicious chocolate granola made from activated organic seeds and nuts, coconut, and Amazonian superfoods - cacao, maca and mesquite. An uplifting, energising blend designed to get your noggin into gear, and to nourish your body! You’ll find ayurvedic herbs, and energising plant compounds for focus and clarity.

Many granolas are packed full of sugar. Not this one! It has been specifically crafted to provide a balanced, healthy start to the day - low in sugar, full of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates.

Better than Sex

Ok... Maybe not (depending on who you're with) but still pretty darn good! These clusters of organic vegan chocolate and kombucha activated nuts, seeds, coconut, raspberries, cherries and native Davidson plum, will surely satisfy! Next time you find yourself wanting to put your hand in a packet of sweets, choose a healthier option, and put your hand in this sexy bag instead!

Move over Energiser Bunny!

If the Easter Bunny had a supply of this stuff, she would surely be hired to replace the Energiser Bunny!  Get your energy hit through a rich, velvety blend supported by medicinal mushrooms. This magical stardust tastefully combines caramelly maca, mesquite, and the grounding, earthy notes of cinnamon and rhodiola. Enjoy, energise & nourish your inner sparkle!

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