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We don’t want to be cynical, and perhaps we’re nuts, but we don’t believe you need another message telling you to reduce your plastics. Either you’ve boarded this train or not. Instead, we want to take a step back with you, to think deeper.

The question we feel we should be asking is:

‘How do we restore and revitalise the natural balance that keeps this planet cool, calm and collected?’

So today I write for you an ode.


Wilderness is natural affluence. A profusion of life blanketing any and every untamed landscape. It is the balancing force of our entire planet. In every ecosystem we live, even the terrain of our insides.

You are an ecology. A host to billions of inhabitants that do not share your DNA. They are microbiological critters that aid in digestion, that support your immunity, and even add to the chemical cocktail that your brain reads as happiness. Our new motto ‘Feed your inner Wild’ is a call to look after the wilderness within and around us all.

Traditionally, the concept of wilderness has been that of a hostile or foreign perspective on nature.  It was symbolic of our struggle against natural forces, those dark areas beyond our borders. There be dragons! 🐉

Today, the tables have turned.

Wilderness is the imperiled front of civilisation's bulldozers. Disappearing spheres of billions of years of biological evolution.

There's a cultural understanding of our lives being more profound than the natural anarchy that is wilderness. But I'm here to tell you, our planet depends on the wilderness. And in fact, our lives are so much more profound BECAUSE of it. It is the necessary messiness that keeps us from falling into a robotic malaise.

Yes, that's you too. I see you scrolling 😉

Perhaps the most endangered species is the wild human.

Come take a walk on the wild side!

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