Boo… (How to Relax, Especially When Times are Tough)

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The peak moment of a horror film unfolds before your eyes. 

You are sitting upright, breathing shallow, palms sweating. You don’t even notice. 

No longer are you in your comfy lounge - you are with the couple in the dark woods, hearing the soft crunching of approaching footsteps…

Silence. Were the couple just imagining the sounds? 

**Your real world partner walks into the room and touches your shoulder.**

What happens in your brain at this moment? Like when rivers and dams are overwhelmed with torrential rain, flowing water into our streets, the neurons in your brain are being overwhelmed with ‘life or death’ information, setting in motion a torrential flash flood of emotion - until all of a sudden it breaks through a barrier, swarming through you and is suddenly released by your body’s jolt (and, if you’re like me, a squeal).

This is not a huge deal when watching a horror movie - after all, the point is to be set on edge. But this flooding can also build up through everyday stress and anxiety. Instead of being released by a squeal or jolt, however, it can continue to flood the body, leading to health issues. For my wife this is presented though muscle tensions and headaches, for me it is poor sleep. Other people experience stomach upsets. The range of symptoms is vast. 

Some pockets of the internet will tell you to avoid stress and anxiety at all costs, but let’s be real - that isn’t practical in real life, nor necessarily optimal. When used correctly, these flows of ‘unpleasant’ emotions can move us forward to achieving our goals and thinking outside of the box. The trick is to kayak down the stream while avoiding the flooding. 

How to Get on the Kayak:

So, if you know you’re in a tense, stressful or anxious environment, you should activate the GABA receptors in your brain - they essentially build the damn walls higher to avoid a flood. That makes for a calmer, easier-to-ride flow of emotion. 

This is exactly why I created Chillax Brew

I scoured the science to find the plants that have the greatest connection to the GABA receptor, and put them all together in this tea. This includes Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Valerian, and Skullcap. 

If you, or someone you know, is going through a tense time, we would like to offer a 15% discount off our Chillx Tea: Use the code #MyLifeIsNotAHorrorFilm

Sometimes we all need to turn up the relaxing knobs on the ‘ol noggin. I’m gonna go do that  right now. Peace out my friends, and happy riding ✌️



P.S. Here is a glamour shot of Chillax!


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