We believe food is medicine, it is the foundation for a healthy life. From our gut to our brain, through childhood to older age it is food that triggers our growth and development, it is food that activates our senses and nourishes our natural sparkle.

We're explorers in the world of food, in health and in applying nutritional science to our Mindful Foods products. It may not be the sexy part of food but it's the most important part. Every product we make is based in nutritional science so you can trust our food is healthy for you and your family.⁠

We encourage you to be impeccable with the food that enters your body.

Let’s consider your body as a garden where each layer feeds the next in a natural succession that ensures longevity and vitality. Adding the right vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in your diet ensures the groundwork is laid for a thriving gut, which you may have read is the body’s second brain.

The gut, then, prepares the ground of the mind. Evidence shows that a healthy gut leads to healthy thoughts. Those happy gut microbes transform the raw materials of your food into the compounds that grow your body and brain. So in essence the food we consume becomes the building blocks for our physical and neurological function - The food we eat literally becomes us, mind, body and soul.

We’re dedicated to the science of nutrition that creates healthy humans.

This page of nutritional science articles goes beyond how yummy and deliciously crunchy our products are and provides you with the answers to why food is the basis for making you feel good inside and out.

Enjoy reading and if you ever have any questions then please ask in the comments, we love to deep dive on all things nutrition.