What's the deal with Activated Nuts!?

What's the Deal with Activated Nuts!?

Activation is all about bringing about the evolution of the nut from a protective state, to a growth-bound state!

Seeds are the future generations of plants. The mother plant invests energy and nutrition in her seeds to give them the best chance of survival.

Of course, we animals think we're pretty clever in eating such nutritional treasure chests. Yet plants, having evolved alongside animals for hundreds of millions of years, equip themselves with defensive strategies to ward off our digestive enzymes, not allowing the potential nutrients to be released and absorbed into our bodies – which is why so many people have problems eating nuts!

Nuts maintain their defensive mode until they're given the signal to reproduce. This is called germination, an event brought on by a good soaking where the nut relaxes its defensive mode. Once soaked, relaxed and ready to germinate the nut becomes activated.

Proteins that were once dedicated to a defensive strategy are no longer useful. They fall apart and recombine in such a way to support the growth of the plant-in-making. Once they are totally relaxed, we take them out of the soaker and slowly dehydrate these nuts to perfection with our state-of-art dehydrators.

This makes them sweeter, lighter on the stomach, and as crunchy as can be! By soaking seeds & nuts, we flip the defensive switch, make the seed less resistant to digestion and its nutrition more available for healthy humans.