Warm Rice & Weed Salad with Toasted Almonds, Black Cumin, and Edible Flowers

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A Foraged Autumn Feast

Hunting around the edges of the garden, pulling handfuls of Chickweed, Cat's Ear, and Plantain and Amaranth leaves out of the dark autumn soil. The excitement in the air, as we talk about the flavours and nutritional and medicinal benefits of each plant.

Foraging places us in a lineage that goes back to the dawn of humanity. Every time we step out the back door we have an opportunity to find our place in the great web of life - growing, eating, sending nutrients up and down the food chain.

Taking this bounty into the kitchen, we transform it into a nourishing meal to share. Full of luscious, rich flavours, from the deep earthiness of Plaintain to the vibrant sparkle of Chickweed, and the salty bite of Warrigal Greens with the smell of ocean spray still fresh on their leaves.

Make this recipe your own. Transform it with the ingredients you have at hand. The beauty of foraging is that we find different plants flourishing every time. Find the flavours that work for you. Experiment, mix things up with different sauces and greens, both wild and cultivated. Have fun, and enjoy nature's bounty.

If you tried this recipe, we would absolutely love to hear about it in the comments below!

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