The Perfect, Flexible, Year-Round Green Salad

Posted by James Bennett on

Nuts, seeds, and berries oh my!

A fresh take on a classic salad. Toasted berries take to the next level. With a bright pop of colour, tartness, and a slight caramel sweet hit, it hits all the right notes. Cranberries are great for that extra sharp note they have, but mulberries are also excellent, and a little more mellow.

Like many of our recipes, this a base that you can play with as much as you want. Take these basic principles – a herby mixed green salad with berries, nuts, and seeds, and have fun with it! This is a great way to make use of your garden if you have lots of young green leaves growing and just want to eat a bit of everything. It’s great too when you get carried away at the markets and have too many greens to fit in your fridge.

We ate this sitting in the shade of a magnolia tree, surrounded by bright minds shining in the winter sun. Some say the best seasoning is hunger, but maybe it’s really community.

Try using ingredients you might not be familiar with. Have you got farmers friend growing wild in your garden? Pick the young tips and throw them in! Cats ear, dandelion, or some of those herbs you never get around to using…
Eating a diet containing a wide mix of plants is one of the healthiest decisions you will ever make, and it just happens to also be incredibly delicious.

So enjoy this simple, but wonderful salad.

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