Star Dust Chia Trio Pudding with Rainbow Fruit

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A Sunkissed Breakfast

We teamed up with our friend and freshly minted Byron resident, Ami Shoesmith of The Sunkissed Kitchen to create these absolutely stunning bowls of rainbow chia pudding delight.

The idea that we eat first with our eyes has never been so right. Ami must have been blessed by a unicorn as a child, because everything she waves her hands over turns into a dazzling blast of perfectly arranged edible colour.

Our Star Dust superfood powders are the perfect pairing for such a vibrant fruit arrangement. We made a simple chia pudding and took it to the next level with our Blue Immunity and Red Longevity blends. Feel free to play around with your favourite colours and flavours!

These colourful fruits are absolutely loaded with beneficial polyphenols and antioxidants, and with an extra boost of goodness coming from the Star Dust powders, this is a meal your body will thank you for.

When styling your bowl, a few basic principles can help. Start with your biggest elements first, then move onto smaller things like berries, and finish with your final garnish, whether it’s a sprinkle of seeds or a scattering of edible flowers. It’s great if your final garnish contrasts strongly with the layer below. A bright pop of marigold petals is stunning against a deep blue chia bowl.

For larger fruits like strawberries and apples, it’s best to slice them and fan them out around the edges of the bowl. This even works with purple grapes, which have an incredible contrasting colour inside. Smaller items like berries can be grouped into clusters, with a few extras scattered around where there is a bit of a gap in the garnish.

Make sure some of the original meal still shows through and isn’t totally covered up by the toppings. This creates visual layers going right back to the heart of the meal. For more inspiration check out Ami’s creations at The Sunkissed Kitchen.

Most importantly, have fun and keep playing! A beautiful garnish lifts up a simple meal and creates joy before the meal is even tasted.

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