Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Yummy Beans

Posted by James Bennett on

A Winter Classic With A Crunchy Twist

Our Yummy Beans and charred cauli make this creamy pumpkin soup really shine.
We’ve just passed the solstice, which means the days are getting longer, but winter still has us in her grip. In Byron Bay we’ve been lucky enough to have lots of beautiful sunny days, but when night comes we still want to tuck into something warming, nourishing, and hearty. This soup is a classic. Who doesn’t think of pumpkin soup on those first cold days of Autumn?

Our Yummy Beans are packed full of delicious, stimulating, and healing ingredients, and they give a big helping of crunchy umami to everything they’re eaten with. Shitake mushrooms are crazy good for you and are also loaded with guanylate, which is basically nature’s msg.

Charred cauliflower adds more veggie goodness to this meal, helping you eat as many different plant foods as you can, every day. All those plants make your gut microbes very happy.

Enjoy this one cuddled up by the fire, with a book or a friend, and enjoy that winter magic.

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