Foraging First Steps – Taking the Fear out of Foraging

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Foraging First Steps        


Foraging for wild foods is entering into a reciprocal relationship with the earth. We acknowledge that this wild land sustains us, and in return for these gifts we have a responsibility to care for and nurture our environment. When we see the land as our mother, our brother, an extension of our own body, we instinctively know how to care for it.

Don’t take too more than is willingly given, don’t allow your actions to harm the environment. We were born into this world as active participants in the landscape. It shapes us, and we shape it. The whole planet benefits when we move through the world with respect and care.




Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you take your first steps into the wildly rewarding world of gathering your own food. Tips: Let’s take a systematic approach, learn as we go and know that it’s okay to make mistakes. What are you scared of? Eating something poisonous and dying? Fair enough. Never eat anything that you cannot identify with reasonable certainty. 

  • Don’t take the first instance you see of a plant
  • Only gather as much as you really need
  • Be conscious of the ecosystem you’re entering
  • Collect information before venturing into the “wild world” of nature
  • Plan your outings and get properly equipped
  • Avoid taking pointless shortcuts
  • Only eat plants you know you can identify
    For a detailed and thoughtful foraging code of conduct check out The Association of Foragers at

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