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Plastic free
and proud of it.

We're so excited to let you know that since 2019 we've ditched plastic from our packaging!

We've never liked using plastic, we've always stored our nom noms in glass jars. But now technology has made available home-compostable bags with a high oxygen barrier, meaning your food stays fresh. We've made the switch to plastic free without sacrificing product quality.

Our earth bags are made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are home compostable.⁠

3.5 Billion years ago life started metabolising Earth. Living things ate up non-living things, and became food for other living things. The circle of life and death cycled over countless epochs resulting in greater complexity: from single-celled organisms to those multi-celled, plants, mushrooms, animals, humans, even this human-borne idea is fodder for thought.

100 years ago plastic was invented, and to me that seems like a dead-end for evolution's appetite. The first plastic Coke bottle made in 1994 will survive the seven seas til 9994. We have chosen to be free of plastic because we wish our food packaging to be recycled indefinitely (our glass jars) or food for the earth itself (our compostable biobags). Plastic is an alien material that life on Earth cannot metabolise, and that is why we have chosen to not use plastic.

If you’re trying to go plastic free then please reach out if you have any questions. We tested a lot of different ranges and brands to ensure product quality was maintained. So if you need advice to get to your plastic free goals then we’re here to help.

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