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FUNGI Shroom Bloom 20:1 Extract Powder

FUNGI Shroom Bloom 20:1 Extract Powder

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Size 120g (Miron Jar)

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20:1 Extract -The Most Potent On The Australian Market


This medley of mushrooms is a great way to incorporate the benefits of a variety of medicinal mushrooms into your daily regime- in just one scoop! Intended to assist with overall well-being, this blend may assist immune support, gut and brain health, and energy regulation. Suitable for day or night.

How To Use

Add 1/2-1 teaspoon to cold and hot drinks, including coffee, tea, smoothies and juices. Add to soups, broths, sauces and dressings. Make tonic soups.

Storage: Quality Miron glass jars have been chosen to retain the integrity of the product. Once open, retain the silica sachet in the jar, keep a lid on, and store it out of direct sunlight below 25 degrees Celsius or in the fridge.


Lion's Mane*, Reishi*, Cordyceps*, Chaga* Fruiting Bodies (20:1 Extract Powder)

*=Certified organic ingredient;

  • Potent 20:1 Extract = 20kg mushroom to create 1kg of powder
  • Twice as strong as 10:1

Origin: Grown in China. Packed in Australia.

Grown on natural wooden substrates. Cordyceps grown in fermentation tank (vegan). These mushroom fruiting bodies have undergone a high-pressure dual-extraction to arrive at 20:1 extract.