Organic Ginger Powder


Organic Ginger powder – Zingiber officinale

Used in both sweet and savoury dishes, Ginger is a commonly used rhizome (root) in Ayuverdic, Traditional Chinese and Western medicine as a treatment for headaches and migraines, blood pressure and flow, and colds.

It is also used in Western herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory, helps reduce digestive cramping, flatuelnce and period pain, increases digestion and increases circulation to the extremities.

In one instance the phenolic content of ginger was measured as 157mg/100g fresh weight rhizome and 291mg/100g fresh weight leaves.* The total flavonoid content appears to be 5.54-11.4mg/g dry weight, which is above that of Garlic, onions, papaya, black tea and semambu leaves all by at least two-fold.*

* Ghasemzadeh A, Jaafar HZ, Rahmat A Identification and concentration of some flavonoid components in Malaysian young ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) varieties by a high performance liquid chromatography method . Molecules. (2010)

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