Birchia: Paleo Prebiotic


Artisan Granola made in Byron Bay

Bircher + Chia pod = Birchia!

Once upon a time in the amazonian wilderness, inca warriors would feast before battle on their specially chosen quinoa and maca meals. Further north, we find that the aztecs would often use chia seeds as a medicine, and even a currency!

Quinoa contains phytonutrients called ecdysteroids, which have been shown to enhance body composition, repair cartilage and support skin regeneration.

Preparation (one serve): Mix 1/4 cup Birchia with 1/3 cup of your preferred milk/juice. Leave covered in fridge overnight. If you need Birchia in your tummy asap! 15 mins will suffice!

Serve warm or cold, with fruit, honey, your fave yoghurt, or anything thay you think would rock your socks off!

We soak our nuts & seeds in a cultured & ph controlled solution in order to ‘activate’ dormant nutrients. Learn about this process here!

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